Tuesday, September 29, 2015


This little Halloween tree caught my eye right away during my first visit to our local Goodwill.  I was able to resist but it sparked my need, want, yearning for a Halloween tree again.

Do you have a Halloween tree?


Sunday, September 27, 2015


A few months back a Goodwill store opened in our town.  Some time ago I started making a conscious effort to stay away from antique stores, second hand shops, etc.  Too many good deals and little treasures that are hard to pass up!

But today we had to put outfits together for "Spirit Week" which precedes Homecoming at my daughter's school.  Off to Goodwill we go.  It's a wonderful store.  We found some needed items for Spirit Week but as my daughter was coaxing me toward the check out (she's been haunting old out of the way antique shops and sales with me since before she could walk - she knows it's dangerous territory for me) I noticed a bag of old clothes pins.  Just like mom used to use.


I love the pins with the wires around them and the square pins, but the pin above is my favorite.  If you look close you can see teeth marks where someone held the pin in their mouth to have it at the ready when they got their laundry situated on the clothes line just right.

I wouldn't share this with a lot of people, I can already see the blank look on their face: "calm down, Lisa, it's just an old clothespin".  But I was so excited over this find.  I have a feeling most of my blog buddies will get it, LOL.  Love you guys.

Have a blessed week ~*~ Lisa

Sunday, September 20, 2015


Another finish. Pumpkin Witch pattern by Chestnut Junction.

Used my last bit of cheesecloth.  Where is the cheesecloth if not by the canning supplies?  I was quite bummed that I couldn't locate it at WMart today, but finding a 5 lb box of Morning Glory stuffing for under $12 made up for it! 

The yard is full of 'shrooms, acorns and all the things that signal fall.

Hope you have a great week and can get out and enjoy some fall where you are!


Monday, September 14, 2015


Finally a finish!  Sorry for the dark picture, was sewing "By the Light of the Moon".
Witchiepoo hat pattern by The Moonlit Stitch. 

 I ripped some green & white polka dot fabric and paisley purple fabric for ribbon and added an orange flower.  The flower was a brooch I had made for a craft show a while back.  

Added a vintage button to the back where the "ribbons" meet.

And another old button to the tip of the hat with some streamers for help with aerodynamics when broom flying.

A little tag reads:  "Minerva's Millinery, 1313 Shadow Lane"

Sorry again for the poor quality on the pics.  Light is everything and we are in that time of the year when the light is fading.  Hope you have a blessed, creative week blog buddies - Happy Monday!


Friday, September 11, 2015


pattern by chestnut junction

It's Friday! And the works in progress are slowly coming along.

Wanted to show you the difference in some sisal rope/twine after dunking it in a staining mix of instant coffee.  It was a little too light against the prim's in the works.  The darker version will be perfect for some pumpkin smiles and other goodies.

"It's Kitteh Time"

The temps are dropping and you know what that means...the kitteh's are in search of warmth and decide they like you again and want to be on your lap all the time.  

Have a blessed weekend blog buddies!

~*~ Lisa

Monday, September 7, 2015

Drying Time

It's been a hot one all over the country.  Took the opportunity to add more layers of paint and stain to the WIP's and start a couple new ones.  Things dry so fast outside in the heat/sun.  In the winter it takes days for some things - I don't use the oven as I scorch everything - yes, including food.  It's slow going for me - I know a lot of you are already working on wynter goods - I'm sure playing catch up, but there's no pressure...just enjoying it.  

Happy Labor Day to all - I hope you are able to be at rest.  In my neck of the woods we have the Mackinac Bridge Labor Day Walk.  They say 40,000 will walk across the five mile expansion bridge that spans the Straits of Mackinac (the Straits are where Lake Michigan and Lake Huron meet), connecting the upper and lower peninsula of Michigan.  I've mentioned before this bridge has a special place in my heart as my dad was one of the brave men who helped to build this beautiful landmark as an Ironworker out of Local 25/Detroit.  Construction began in 1954 and the bridge finally opened in 1957.  Prior to the bridge cars were transported via ferry boat.  

Pic from Mackinac Bridge Authority

Today marks the 58th annual walk across the bridge.  It's the only day pedestrians are allowed on the bridge.  I've never walked it although I've driven across hundreds of times.  I hope to do the walk at least once in my life.  I'm not too good around crowds - and 40,000 people?  That's a crowd!

Have a great week blog buddies♥

~*~ Lisa

Friday, September 4, 2015

TGIF: Gettin' There

 Not quite finished, still a work in progress.  Little by little when time allows.  Think I'll be doing a little sanding & staining next.

While the first coat was drying I found the beginnings of a witchie-poo hat in a basket of goodies and was able to stuff the cone and sew it to the brim and give it an initial coat of paint.

Maybe some more paint, stain and a nice fabric ribbon (all witchie-poo's need to secure their hats when flying on wild windy nights).

Hope this is a little bit inspiring for you if you've been thinking about working on a project.  Even if it's little by little and just for the fun of it!

Have a blessed weekend♥

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


wOw.  My first crafting effort since May!
I took some time away after my mom became ill in late May.  Since then she's improved greatly and they removed her from the Hospice program.  Now that Mom doesn't need quite as much of my time and summer is quickly fading - along with outdoor chores - I'm dreaming of fall.

I started out with an old favorite by Chestnut Junction...

Yep, that color will work!
Forgot about not being able to dry out in the summer sun...slows things down a bit.

Hope you are looking forward to the change of seasons where you are too,

Peace ~*~ Lisa