Saturday, October 31, 2015

Come In & Sit A Spell

Good Eeeeeevvvening my Pretties!
So glad you stopped by - please come on in & sit a spell... is your sweet tooth on this All Hallows Eve?
Might I suggest...

Now tell me dearies, did you pass any haunted houses on the way here?

You know, carving a jack o'lantern and setting it alight is supposed to ward off bad spirits.

pattern by My Primitive Saltbox/sewn by The Moonlit Stitch

Are you enjoying the wickedly delicious fall colors where you are?
Soon they will give way to wynter whites, how I will miss them.

Autumn candy corn & salt dough jack o'lanterns by The Moonlit Stitch

Fall pumpkin stack by The Moonlit Stitch

Pattern by My Primitive Saltbox/Sewn by The Moonlit Stitch

But I have to admit, when the seasons change and the new holidays roll around,
 it's like welcoming an old friend back home.  We mortals do love our traditions, don't we?

Even the bunnies love Halloween you know.

What's that?  You're heading out to go trick-or-treating now?
Well thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your stay. May all the wonder and joy of the seasons and holidays be with you tonight!

Happy Halloween Blog Buddies ~*~ Lisa

Monday, October 19, 2015


This is the view I have been blessed with on the way to visit mom the past few weeks.

Then I come home to's, wait...fall...(fawinter?)...

...fall, yes fall today.  The 3rd pumpkin that makes this a trio is sick today (still needs to have his face stitched on) so the other two went out to play.

The luna pumpkin ended up in the bittersweet vine...

...and I found this big guy over by my little snowball bush...

...then they both ended up playing in the leaves (did you jump in the leaves as a kid?)

And no, my neighbors haven't called the wagon to come pick me up yet for playing with dolls in my yard!  (I was playing with a little fox doll too, non primitive, if you want to ck it out you can visit my non-prim blog - link at the top of my left sidebar!)

The pumpkins were made from a pattern by Chestnut Junction♥

Have a great week blog buddies - so glad you stopped by for a visit!


Thursday, October 15, 2015

The "S" Word

Had to take these pics on the way to work the other morning.  The leaves finally changed and they are so beautiful this year.

My mom is still in rehab after her stroke - 2 weeks tomorrow and they added one more week on before she will go back to assisted living apartment in our town.  She moved her fingers for the first time since the stroke this week - I can't believe what a hard worker and a fighter she is.  I travel over every other day after work to see her - that's a 4 hour minimum round trip.  A great opportunity to enjoy the fall colors!

Needless to say I'm never home and have still been trying to stitch up my harvest WIPS in the morning before work.  BECAUSE ... the weather lady said the "S" word this morning.  Yep...maybe a little SNOW this Saturday.  I did pick up a pumpkin yesterday on my lunch running errands for's still in my backseat LOL.  

Sure hope that weather lady is wrong - and I hope you are enjoying your fall where you are - it's the most wonderful time of the year!  Off to work now.  We have world relief quilt & kit packing this morning then a youth group dinner fundraiser tonight - looks like spaghetti for dinner...I think I forgot to eat dinner last night.  I watched mom drink her pureed food, poor mom, yuck.  A nice older gentleman in rehab gave me his cherry milkshake, that was my dinner haha! 

(Can someone remind to take that pumpkin out of my backseat in a few days? That would not be good!  tee hee)


Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Pulled some remnants off my fabric shelf and washed them today.  A very basic task but I got so much enjoyment out of standing by the patio doors and ironing out each piece.  I didn't realize how many remnants I had collected until I had to iron out each one, LOL.  Whoops!

I'm still playing around with sewing up some child-friendly dolls.  It gives me a chance to play with the bright color fabrics instead of the prims I'm used to.  And part of the fun of a project is picking out and coordinating the fabrics, right?

Caught a tip on a facebook doll making group page about not drying the fabric after you wash it and simply iron it dry.  With the spin cycle it comes out just damp, ready to be ironed.  Really cuts down on the string tangles too.  I've always dried my fabric - it makes quite a tangle, which is probably why I dreaded the job, but no more. 

Hope this inspired you in some way - maybe to pull out your fabric stash and play around with some combinations and get some ideas for your next project!

~*~ Lisa

Sunday, October 4, 2015


I'm one of those people who likes the glow of burning candles and lamplight.  Maybe some acoustic playing in the background.  My husband is one of those people who likes every overhead light in the house on and the sports channel turned up loud (sometimes on more than one TV! LOL).  And he doesn't do well with certain smells if they are too strong so I am careful what and when I burn around him.

A simple joy for me when I can is to light some candles and this is the BEST time of the year for candle scents!  Anything pumpkin is usually a safe bet.  The little frosted candle jars above were only $1 at Wally's and they burn well.  The scents that I burn together at the same time are:

"Creamy Pumpkin Pie"
"Candied Maple Sugar"

Been having a hard time finding tarts that smell like their namesake lately so I was happy to find these. And being that they are so affordable you don't have to feel guilty about burning them often like some of the more expensive candle/tart brands.

I just wish they could replicate the smell of the oak & maple leaves and pine cones and acorns being baked by the sun on a beautiful fall day!

What's your favorite candle scent?

~*~ Lisa