Wednesday, December 30, 2015


As I type we are in the middle of a winter storm!
A "herbal garden" sounds pretty good right about now.  

The "Herbal Garden" cleanser above from Rhodes Creations takes me away for a little bit into the spring and summer with its wonderful essence of tea tree, lemon, sage, thyme and bergamot.  This product is a foaming pump "all-in-one" cleanser.  You can use it on your hands, face, as a body wash AND shampoo!  It leaves you with a fresh and clean feeling.  As with all of the products from Rhodes Creations, the Herbal Garden cleanser is all natural.  I am one of those folks who loves the idea of going "all natural" but have yet to jump all in.  These products are giving me an opportunity to dip my toe in the water, so to speak.  I have a feeling that using all natural products could be addictive!  A good habit indeed...for ourselves and the environment.

Thanks to Laura of Rhodes Creations for allowing me to post reviews of some of her products and to you for visiting The Moonlit Stitch!  If you are here, you are my blog buddy♥  I see folks are starting to work on bunnies already - I can't wait to see the little prims hopping around blogland - a sure sign spring is coming!


Monday, December 28, 2015


It's still technically the "Christmas" season until we hit Epiphany, the season of light, so I'd like to talk about a Christmas tea.

I have to disclose first that I am only an occasional tea drinker although I know many who are very serious tea drinkers.  Coffee, on the other hand, I could drink all day long!

The picture above is just a sampling of teas available from Rhodes Creations etsy shop.  The tea I received came in a cute little tub with its own tea bag.  the night I sampled it was chilly and I was up late alone sitting by the fire and Christmas tree.  What a relaxing experience!

The first thing I noticed was the herbal aroma and then the intense color and lastly the taste! Many times in the past I was disappointed by a weak taste - not so with this tea.

So whether you are serious or occasional a tea drinker, check out the affordable options at Rhode's Creations.  Here's a link to help you get there:

Thanks for stopping by blog buddies - I hope you had a joyful Christmas.  No snow here at the tip-of-the-mitt but they are calling for a major storm starting this afternoon.  I used to love snowstorms but not so much anymore, guess I'm getting old and numb to the magic.  No snowdays off when you are a grownup!

Stay warm blog buddies♥

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Here we are!

The busiest gift shopping week of the year!
It's the 11th hour and folks are in pre-panic mode looking for the perfect gift.  Or at least a unique gift?  It may be too late to order online for Christmas but in the coming days I'll be doing a review of products from

Definitely a link you will want to have in your back pocket!

Laura of Rhodes Creations is a fellow blogger and etsian.  I interviewed her a while back on my blog and she shared her talents in the primitive crafts area. Her etsy shop holds an extensive stock of all natural herbal products:  edibles, teas, herbal remedies, bath & body - all natural no artificial anything.

The first product up for review is:
"POO POO NO PHEW" bathroom spray

I've seen similar products with outrageous price tags in stores. Laura's is affordable and has a pleasant herbal scent. This product is used to help keep your bathroom smelling pleasant. The instructions are to spray the water in the bowl prior to use. I like the idea of using an all natural product as opposed to a heavily perfumed aerosol after the fact.

To re-cap:  
1.  Unique gift    2. Affordable    3. All Natural
4. Pleasant Herbal Scent - not overwhelming
5.  Useful 

Be sure to check out this and other all natural products in Laura's etsy shop and sign up for the Rhodes Creations "Loyal Customer Club" to receive coupon codes for great savings:

My next review will be for some RC Herbal Tea!  Stay tuned!


Tuesday, December 8, 2015


to the winner of my offering for "The Greatest Gift is Love"
Blog-Hop Giveaway organized by Brenda of The Rusty Thimble!

KARALEE of ifrogcrafts

I will be contacting you soon to make traveling arrangements for my little snowguy and ticking stocking.  YAY!

Have a blessed day♥


Monday, December 7, 2015


"The Greatest Gift is Love" Blog-Hop Ornie Giveaway ends tonight!
Be sure to visit the participating blogs listed HERE to sign up for many chance to win many wonderful prim ornies!

Thanks again to Brenda of "The Rusty Thimble" for organizing this HOP♥!

Good Luck ~*~ Lisa