Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Oh Nooooo!
I've been out of touch for a few weeks.  See I've lost quite a few followers...I'm sorry!  Whether we have 10 or 200, each of our blog buddies are important.  Maybe it was those who joined during the December giveaway and just didn't want to stay...or maybe my new background was a little too non-prim...I've been sewing some non-prim dolls lately and love the whimsical style too...either way...I am sorry prim pals!  I love you - BE MINE!  Do you like the "Be Mine" art pic above?  Just a little somethin-somethin I threw together.

Thought I better check in and say hi to my old buddies and some long-lost buddies who have returned to blogging recently - oh how I love to hear from them♥  There are some out there who I can't track down and I wonder what happended to them.  I learned a while back one passed away - I was heartbroken, she was such a kind person and so very talented.  I sure hope that's not the case with the others who are missed♥

(Random Prim-ness for your viewing pleasure c2012)

Time to hit the hay - it's late, the moon is hiding in the winter sky somewhere, I am freezing and need to hibernate.  Stay W♥RM my friends!


Friday, January 1, 2016


This is my 2nd to last product review.

The picture above is a botanical blend of over TWENTY healing herbs with essential oils in the "Body, Mind & Soul" Bath Herbs by Rhodes Creations.

If you visit here regularly, you may recall that I wrote in a previous review about herbal tea that I am only an occasional tea drinker.  Same with baths.  I rarely take baths (prefer showers!).  The instructions for the wonderful mix of bath herbs pictured above are to place a portion of them in the muslin bag that comes with the herbs and toss the bag in your hot bath water. will I give an honest review if I am not going to use the herbs in a bath?  How about a foot bath?  Y.  E.  S.

I want to interject here that if you haven't soaked your feet in a warm tub lately, please try to take some time to do so.  It's very relaxing!  You know.....I hate feet.  I can barely clip my own toenails.  But a good foot soak affects your whole body.  Lay a towel down on the floor in front of your comfy chair. I use a plastic "dish tub" from the dollar store filled about halfway with very warm water (be careful with the temp - just because your hands can stand it doesn't mean it won't be too hot for your feet) with added Bath Herbs.  Before long you will feel soothed and relaxed - your tensions tamed!  Save the muslin bag - you can use it more than once according to the directions.

I hope you are encouraged to do some "soakin'" soon.  If you would like to think about including the Bath Herbs from Rhodes Creations in your soak - here is the link to the etsy shop:

And here's to a healthy and relaxing and CREATIVE 2016 ♥

~*~ Lisa