Tuesday, November 3, 2020



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Here we are again!
Seasons changing hands.
A fresh surrounding.  New things to look forward to.
Where we are from, that means the colors disappear.  The branches are bare, except for the evergreens and the red berries that cling to their twigs.  So pretty against the white snow.
And so we imitate nature and bring it into our homes.
The sparkle-white, red berries and greenery.  Lining our nests to cozy up a stark surrounding.
The skies and yards and fields and roads and lakes will be snow-white soon.  Very few birds.  The snow insulates everything and everything can be so quiet.  Except for the crunch under your boots when you walk. 

Here we go again.
From acorns to snowflakes.
I hope you are cozy and warm and safe during this season of change♥

~*~ Lisa


  1. Sweet acorns....beautiful words Lisa.... The snowflakes can't wait a while as far as I am concerned LOL...but we've already had more than we should have for this time of year. ~Robin~

  2. I just happened on your etsy shop, Lisa. Way to go!

  3. We were just saying today hubby and I that we had 11 inches of snow last year on this day and 70 degree weather this year. Love your acorns but not looking forward to the snowflakes just yet. Janice


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