Monday, October 14, 2019


♪♫♪♫♪♫     Sunflower     ♪♫♪♫♪♫
Good mornin'.

♪♫♪♫♪♫    You sure do make it like a sunny day....
Sunflower by Glen Campbell
I planted sunflowers in the spring.
I loved them.  They made me smile.

In the fall the fuzzy bumbles flock to them - I guess I didn't realize this.
They work so hard.  Right up until it freezes and most die working.

When all of the petals fell off the sunflowers we cut them so I could harvest the seeds.  But on that particular day I ran out of time.  So I left the cuttings on my shed porch.  MISTAKE.

Soon thereafter, when I had an extra moment, I skipped outside all-happy-and-whatnot about taking care of the sunflowers, picturing myself planting my own sunflower seeds the next spring.

As I stepped onto the shed porch it occurred to me something was very wrong.  Things were not as I had left them.  Something, indeed, was very wrong.

And there he was.
Staring me in the eye dead on.  Holding his ground.  Up on his haunches, ready to spar.  With huge, puffy cheeks.  Full of MY sunflower seeds.

My jaw hung open as my heart pounded. Staring at the sunflower massacre in disbelief.  I finally managed to choke out the words: "Those...were not meant for you".  And he, in all of his wild furriness, squeaked once...turned...and ran away.

I have since recovered from the shock and have come to terms with the events of that day.
Besides, you can't help but respect the good work ethic and planning for winter on the chipmunk's part.  And there will still be sunflowers.  Because they make me smile.

~*~ Lisa

Tuesday, September 24, 2019



It's kinda like pushing the door open to an old house that you shuttered up a very long time ago...

You think...
people don't live here anymore,
the neighbors you knew are all gone now.  
This place needs to come down...

But then you start walking through the rooms.
And you see the photos on the wall.
And you feel the memories.
And the house says "Welcome Home".

The newer "tiny" houses are all the rage now.
But you can't fit everything in them.
They are more efficient and everyone has them.
But they don't tell your story like this old place does.

So you decide not to demolish it.  In fact, you start to make plans
to stay and "fix it up" a bit and make it part of your story again.

The door will always be open...just ignore the mess,
I've been making things again after a long time away from creating.
There's almost always java or tea...come back anytime and let's share...what have you been up to all this time?

I'm glad you're here♥
~*~ Lisa
"The Moonlit Stitch"

Monday, July 10, 2017


Been away for a while dealing with some grief.
My mom passed away in December after fighting long and hard to stay in this world.
Having to learn how to fill in the big empty space she left is taking time.
So we are working on a little studio space to sew by the Light of the Moon again.
I'm looking forward to connect with you again and share some creations in the coming months.  

Keep on Creating ~*~ Lisa

Sunday, September 25, 2016


My first craft show in a few years! Had a wonderful time and met many nice vendors and customers.  I enjoyed making primitives from Chestnut Junction, My Primitive Saltbox and some of my own creations, and was so happy to see that others enjoyed them too.  



Blog Under Construction - Stay Tuned!♥

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Bits 'n Pieces

Been having fun making some shabby chic flowers.
Trying to keep my hands busy while we wait for all this snow to melt.


Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Finally finished the hearts I started with Valentines in mind.  
Yes.  It's mid April.  


Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Been wanting a thread holder for a long time.  Haven't wanted to spend money on one. Because I am cheap frugal.  So I finally decided to make one for myself.  It was so easy!
Found a paddle-shaped piece of wood at Hobby Lobby - they have so many different shapes to choose from.  With my coupon I only paid $4 for it.

For the spool holders I used wooden chopsticks I had on hand for crafting.  You can get huge bag of them for next to nothing.  I measured the length and width of the board.  Measured how much space I would need for each spool of thread, and divided the length by that amount which happened to be 1 3/4 inches.  I then marked the board every 1 3/4 inches.  Then I sat a thread spool in each marked out space and made a center mark by sticking a dowel with a dab of paint on the end down through the spool.  My husband found a drill bit that matched the size of the chopsticks.  I figured I would need to drill halfway down the width of the board, which was a 1/4 inch, marked the drill bit 1/4 inch with a piece of masking tape and drilled 1/4 inch down on each mark.  

I measured each chopstick so that it was long enough to hold a spool of thread with a matching bobbin plus the 1/4 inch that would be inserted into the base.  The chopsticks are very easy to clip with a pair of snips or heavy duty scissors.  I didn't have to use glue to secure the chopsticks in the base as they fit so snug but normally I would suggest that.

I apologize for not having step by step pics but really this project was so simple, I just wanted to give you an idea of how easy it would be for you to make your own.  I do plan to paint the holder a shabby white and use the hole in the handle to hang it on the wall above my sewing desk.

I guess this would be my "make do" thread holder - a step up from the shoe box!  LOL
Thanks for stopping by!